​〜Hello, our Earth "Nakama"

2020 September 21st(Mon)
National Holiday


Artwork by Mui Kono

What is

Now, is the time to connect!

Embracing our differences amongst

race, ethnicity, nationalities, religions etc

For all livings on the Earth
to live with joy

We will
and pray

To unite towards a 
sustainable, compassionate, and peaceful

In the parade,
we will express our actions on SDGs through music, art, and cultural expressions to emphasize the importance of living in the world surrounded with 
love and peace. 

Diverse groups of people will parade together  
To understand each other better
To connect with communities of shared goals 
To bring in new initiatives to collaborate as a part of the Earth "Nakama" 
(a.k.a. Companions working together towards a shared goal).


Achieving SDGs by 2030

(Sustainable Development Goals by UN)

"We want to organize a parade where we can create a peaceful world with Hibakusha people"

History of

Above was the reason the "SDGs Happy Earth Parade" began.
In 2018 and 2019, "SDGs Happy Earth Parade" focused on promoting SDGs to the public during the parade.
We have recently changed the name to "LOVE & PEACE Parade" to be more inclusive and inviting various groups/organizations to join our parade. 
Hibakusha : Person affected by atomic bomb

Organized the 1st

"Yes Peace! SDGs Happy Earth Parade" 

(22 organizations, about 300 people participated)

Changed the name to "LOVE & PEACE Parade" to expand our network and focus on SDGs. 

2018 April  21st (Sat)

2019 October 

2019 April 21st (Sun)

Organized the 2nd

"SDGs Happy Earth Parade in Shibuya" and the number of participants doubled from a previous year!
(45 organizations, about 600 people participated)




Attendees Gather


Parade Starts!

​Omotesando →
Meiji-jingumae →

LIVE stream on SNS


Parade Finishes!




Toei Bus (Shibu 88)
4 mins by bus from Shibuya Station
Get off at bus stop "Aoyama Gakuin Mae" and
take a 2 mins walk 


5 mins walk from
Metro Omotesando Station Exit B2
10 mins walk from 
JR / Metro Shibuya Station 


Supported by:LOVE & PEACE Project
Organized by:LOVE & PEACE Executive Committee
Endorsed by:SDGs Japan
Placards are allowed to bring during the parade, however, we do ask the participants to have a placard that follows the parade's mission with messages that is loving and peaceful, and is appropriate for the children. 

Please refrain from solicitation or sales on expensive product / multilevel marketing.


Past Participants



March 2020
An interview to the organizers ( Anzai and Tezuka) and overview of the committee meeting is now available to watch on YouTube!


[Closed] A-port Crowdfunding launched!

Accepting contributions between 2020 January13th ~2020 March 31st!
(Click the poster above to see more details, and how YOU can participate!)

Upcoming Schedule

We are now able to host the parade upcoming September. 
To have a space and environment for people to connect, we have decided to host 3 meetups until the parade. 

If you have signed up for the parade, we ask everyone to attend at least one time during the meetups to connect and learn more of each other before the parade. 



July 19th (Sun)〈 Meetup 〉

10:00-12:00                       @【Yoyogi Park Clock Tower】​    


August 23rd (Sun)〈 Meetup 〉

10:00-12:00                        @【Yoyogi Park Clock Tower】

July 19th (Sun)〈 Meetup 〉

10:00-12:00                        @【Yoyogi Park Clock Tower】​ 

Sept 21st (Holiday/Monday)  《 LOVE & PEACE Parade!》




Contact Form

We will get back to you shortly. 

​    〜ハロー地球の仲間たち〜

​(Accepting all organizations/groups to join the parade!)

Artwork by Mui Kono, visit: 

© 2020 LOVE & PEACE Project

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